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EBN - Ariella Brown - Innovation in Renewable Energy Greens ...

EBN - Ariella Brown - Innovation in Renewable Energ...

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Automation to Deliver Sea Change in Cargo Transport

Automation and transportation have come together in the air in the form of drones. On land, many tech companies and automakers are working on self-driving cars. Although we don’t hear quite as much about is the application of the technology to transport over water, we may see it become a reality within just a few years.

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Foxconn Factory Potentially U.S. Bound

If there’s any lesson we should have learned from our presidential election, it’s that we should not jump to conclusions based on our own possibly faulty assumptions. So I’ll stick to facts and avoid speculation about the report that Foxconn, a major supplier to Apple, is considering a $7 billion factory in the United States.

EBN -HP Supply Chain Leads the Call for Recycling Transparency

Reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s the mantra of sustainability, and some of us commit to it by bringing in our waste for recycling. Unfortunately, what gets dropped off in those receptacles doesn’t always end up being dismantled and reassembled the way we imagined.

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What Wooden Dolls Can Teach Us About Today’s Supply Chain

It sounds like an oxymoron: smart wooden dolls. However, that's exactly what manufacturer Avakai has created. Though it looks like a simple wooden doll in the shape Russian nesting dolls, it is Bluetooth enabled to offer interactive response. With their stress on connectivity, transparency, sustainability, and adaptability, this company reflects the values we're seeing in today's electronic supply chain.

Mapping Out a Better Electronics Supply Chain

Like the Rome of old, a more transparent and sustainable supply chain is not built in a day. Building it takes planning, mapping, and fine-tuning. Data visualization enables organizations to bridge all three.

Awareness of the need for sustainability and transparency in the electronic supply chain is rising. And a number of companies have said they are committed to improving in those areas, whether in response to questions about components of their supply chain, like conflict minerals, or as a positive choice when defining the company's mission.

EBN - Ariella Brown - Transparency Combats Human Trafficking & Slavery in the Supply Chain

EBN - Ariella Brown - Transparency Combats Human Tr...

3D Printing Reshapes Automotive Supply Chain

The third industrial revolution has really arrived now, and we may be seeing a whole new paradigm for the manufacturing supply chain in the immediate future.

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Space and the Supply Chain

The replicator that can produce food, clothes, and other necessities on demand is familiar to all devotees of Star Trek. That device was actually essential for the Enterprise's extended mission, to keep the ship properly equipped without having to pack along whatever the crew might need at some point light years away from a home planet. Though such replicators are still in the realm of science fiction, we are getting closer to the point of extended space trips.

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EBN - Ariella Brown - 3D Printing Might Bring Manufacturing Back to Canada

EBN - Ariella Brown - 3D Printing Might Bring Manuf...

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Army to Big City: 3D Printing Reshapes the Supply Chain

Army to Big City: 3D Printing Reshapes the Supply C...