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Google Cloud Speech API: A Step Forward for Voice Activation

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Like much of the tech featured in the original Star Trek and other futuristic shows, communicating with a computer directly through speech has long been a reality via an interface dominated by Nuance, the company behind the virtual assistant female voice many hear on their smartphones and computers. But Google is upping the game with software that promises to deliver more than its competition does now and down the road.

Securely Yours: Voice Biometric Authentication Gains Traction

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IoT brings great opportunities for both customer service improvements and data breaches. Organizations must find the balance between being secure and layered systems that users often find time-consuming and cumbersome. Voice biometrics is emerging as one approach that may resolve security worries without overloading users with complexities -- and some telecommunications service providers are listening up.
This year, for example, British operator TalkTalk unveiled voice biometric feature TalkSafe. "[It's] a simple, secure service" that allows users to confirm their identities via a simple phrase, allowing customer service to more rapidly assist callers, says Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk's consumer managing director, in a statement. (See: Google Cloud Speech API: A Step Forward for Voice Activation.)

2016: 6 New IP Predictions


With the growth of the New IP technologies in service provider networks, the use of cloud for everything from soup to nuts and the emergence of a variety of as-a-service platforms, technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before -- and we don't expect it to slow down any time soon.