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A Pay-for-Performance Platform for Marketers - DMN

A Pay-for-Performance Platform for Marketers - DMN

Music article

Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

Butterflydahlia article

Benefits of Predictive and Anticipatory Analytics

Recent developments in the anticipatory analytics space fuel a business solution Dun & Bradstreet refers to as "material change"—the ability to identify "the caterpillars that will turn into butterflies," Basu says.

Hitechshopping article

Using targeted marketing to improve the shopping experience

Over the past decade and a half, successful web retailers have been able to tailor their marketing toward the individual consumer, providing a level of personalization all shoppers—both offline and on—have come to expect as standard across the industry.
Shoppers have come to expect the tailored marketing that algorithms can deliver to them when shopping online in physical stores. However, that kind of personalization is only possible with sales staff that knows the customer and the merchandise very well.

Whowhatwhen article
Level 343

Key Questions for Content Marketing

Engagement is what we’re all after, particularly when we publish online and hope to get likes, pluses, comments, and shares. When planning what to include in a piece intended to serve as content marketing consider: who, how, what, which, where, when, and why.

Scotty talking to computer article

Google Cloud Speech API: A Step Forward for Voice Activation

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Like much of the tech featured in the original Star Trek and other futuristic shows, communicating with a computer directly through speech has long been a reality via an interface dominated by Nuance, the company behind the virtual assistant female voice many hear on their smartphones and computers. But Google is upping the game with software that promises to deliver more than its competition does now and down the road.

I’d Like to Thank the Algorithm that Made this Film Possible

Just under a year ago, I wrote about algorithms producing producing rap lyrics and said, “Perhaps the next project will be an algorithm that produces films.” In fact, that project has arrived, and its name is Benjamin (formerly known as Jetson).

Benjamin is the self-chosen name of “the world’s first automated screenwriter,” according to its own Facebook page. Benjamin’s site gives a slightly longer description of the screenwriter as “a self-improving LSTM RNN [Long short-term memory recurrent neural network] machine intelligence trained on human screenplays.”

Benjamin already has written a film entitled “Sunspring” with some prompting from Ross Goodwin, “creative technologist, artist, hacker, data scientist,” and the filmmaker Oscar Sharp. To qualify for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, the entire film was made from start to finish in just 48 hours with three human actors playing the roles.

It is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Mr smith goes to washington 61079 1280x800 article

Data for Good: Tracking Legislative Influence

If you want to learn about the process of getting a proposed bill passed, you can read the official explanation on a state senate site. It’s remarkably similar to the steps involved for federal legislation, according to the explanation offered to the protagonist of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. What the explanations don’t reveal, however, are the entities behind the proposed legislation.

The actual authors of proposed legislation don’t sign their names, but they do leave signatures of a sort, the signals of individual style that can be found throughout their written work. All it takes is reading through thousands of proposed bills to find the textual clues that link bills to the same source. The only drawback is coming up with the time it takes for humans to read through it all. But this is one problem that technology can solve.

Brooklyngrassroof article
UBM Future Cities

Green roofs make greener buildings in New York

What could be a more fitting setting for green design than a botanical garden? Or, in the case of New York City, two gardens that went for the gold -- and platinum -- standards by going green from the roof down.

Verizon Takes Multiple Approaches for IoT Security

With great connection comes great vulnerability, which is why security looms large in Verizon's Internet of Things platform.

Securely Yours: Voice Biometric Authentication Gains Traction

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IoT brings great opportunities for both customer service improvements and data breaches. Organizations must find the balance between being secure and layered systems that users often find time-consuming and cumbersome. Voice biometrics is emerging as one approach that may resolve security worries without overloading users with complexities -- and some telecommunications service providers are listening up.
This year, for example, British operator TalkTalk unveiled voice biometric feature TalkSafe. "[It's] a simple, secure service" that allows users to confirm their identities via a simple phrase, allowing customer service to more rapidly assist callers, says Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk's consumer managing director, in a statement. (See: Google Cloud Speech API: A Step Forward for Voice Activation.)

Data-Driven Hiring Takes Command

How do you know that a new hire will work out? Even a perfect resume doesn’t guarantee it because there are many other factors that determine if an individual will be happy and productive at a particular organization. That’s the premise of job matching startup called

Glamfitring 300 article

Ariella Brown Wearable Tech Finds Its Style

Now those in the market for wearables can select the sensors that fit their personal style choices.

The MET CDO on Bridging Digital and Physical

The MET CDO on Bridging Digital and Physical

Placing a wedding ring article

Algorithm Predicts Relationship Success

“He loves me. He loves me not.” Flower petals predictions have a 50 percent accuracy rate. Marriage therapists have a somewhat better rate of accuracy, but a computer algorithm beats most of them with nearly 79 percent accuracy. What puts the odds in its favor is measuring the tone of voice in couple interaction.