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EE Times

AI Arrives in Canada: Will Prosperity Follow?


In the Mood for Marketing - DMN

In the Mood for Marketing - DMN

Machine Learning Taps Power of Curiosity

s data analytics become increasingly driven by artificial intelligence (AI), researchers search for a way to drive machine learning. The key ingredient its future development may be a dash of curiosity.


Data Visualization: You Must 'C' It to Believe It

The maxim "Seeing is believing" is a driving force behind data visualization, as most of us respond well to graphs, charts and pleasing renderings of numbers. - See more at:

How AI Can Moderate Comments, Eliminate Trolls

The problem with human moderators is that they have human limitations that cannot keep up with a huge influx of comments. That was the problem the New York Times faced in balancing reader comments demand with an editorial standard of civility for all published comments. Its solution was a partnership with , an incubator owned by Google's parent company, Alphabet.

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Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

CIO Insight

Public Cloud Helps Global Firm Grow Its Business

Public Cloud Helps Global Firm Grow Its Business

Why Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Service

AI is changing our everyday interactions. What once required a human rep can now be handled by a virtual assistant whose programming allows customer problems to be solved more quickly.


AI Makes Visual Intelligence Possible - DMN

AI Makes Visual Intelligence Possible - DMN

AI, Machine Learning Power Transformation

As big data continues to grow, extracting value from it calls for new tools. Increasingly, businesses that rely on data to drive decisions are applying AI to surface actionable insight quickly and accurately.

Finding innovative solutions to the problems raised in data analytics, particularly with respect to adapting machine learning to credit scores, is what they've been working on for the past six years at Experian's DataLabs. The EVP and Global Head of the labs, Eric Haller, spoke to All Analytic about the new direction for predictive modeling.

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TeradataVoice: 2015: The Year Big Data Becomes Agile? - Forbes

TeradataVoice: 2015: The Year Big Data Becomes Agil...

Butterflydahlia article

Benefits of Predictive and Anticipatory Analytics

Recent developments in the anticipatory analytics space fuel a business solution Dun & Bradstreet refers to as "material change"—the ability to identify "the caterpillars that will turn into butterflies," Basu says.

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Using targeted marketing to improve the shopping experience

Over the past decade and a half, successful web retailers have been able to tailor their marketing toward the individual consumer, providing a level of personalization all shoppers—both offline and on—have come to expect as standard across the industry.
Shoppers have come to expect the tailored marketing that algorithms can deliver to them when shopping online in physical stores. However, that kind of personalization is only possible with sales staff that knows the customer and the merchandise very well.

Whowhatwhen article
Level 343

Key Questions for Content Marketing

Engagement is what we’re all after, particularly when we publish online and hope to get likes, pluses, comments, and shares. When planning what to include in a piece intended to serve as content marketing consider: who, how, what, which, where, when, and why.

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A.I. Informs Personalization for Starbucks

“Would you like fries with that?” That one-size-fits-all recommendation was about as far as upselling at the point of sale used to go. Starbucks has come a long way from that with marketing powered by data — and AI. It's marketing that is uniquely tailored to the behaviors, preferences, and context of each customer.